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Understanding Data Visualization

Visual Data Thinking

The ability to visualize data is a simple but critical skill. This course empowers you to tell compelling stories with your visuals for both yourself and the wider business. Learn how a basic knowledge of visual hierarchies can ensure your visuals make a huge impact.

Beginner        11 Lessons        60 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Clear, concise visuals allow you to make sense of your data and ensure your ideas are communicated effectively. This course introduces you to basic visual design concepts.

You will learn how people interpret visualizations. You’ll explore which charts are appropriate for certain scenarios. You will also see how simple additions can be made to your charts to maximize their effect.

By the end of this course, you will have a broad understanding of why certain visuals are more effective than others and will be ready to start creating your own compelling visuals.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how people interpret visualizations
  • Tell stories using visualizations
  • Select the right charts for different situations
  • Outline the components of the visual language hierarchy
  • Use location, size, gradients, color, and shape in your charts
  • Evaluate the visuals on a dashboard
  • Improve the use of visualizations in your company


1. Introduction to Visualization
2. An Introduction to Your Brain
3. Visuals and Storytelling
4. Selecting the Right Charts
5. The Visual Language Hierarchy
6. Using Location and Size

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7. Understanding Gradients
8. Incorporating Color
9. Including Shapes
10. Evaluating a Dashboard
11. Leading Change in Your Business
Learning Certificates

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Each time you complete a course exam, you earn a certificate that demonstrates your proficiency in that subject matter. We are proud to be able to say that Kubicle certificates are recognized by the most respected employers from around the world.

When you earn internationally-recognized certificates, you increase confidence. And when you enhance your ability, speed and accuracy, you increase your employability.

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