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Understanding Data Visualization

Applying Visual Data Skills

It’s important to remain cognizant of visual design principles when building your data visualizations. This does not, however, mean that all principles should be incorporated into every visual. This course gives you a feel for which design choices are appropriate by exploring a variety of case studies.

Beginner        10 Lessons        60 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

A solid knowledge of visual hierarchies is vital for making quicker and more impactful design decisions. This course lets you put your knowledge of the visual hierarchy into practice.

You will examine several case studies. You’ll learn how to handle positive and negative values on a chart. You will also explore the trade-offs involved when adding information to a chart.

You will come away from this course with a solid understanding of how to create clear, concise visuals and the confidence to know which data to include.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Create effective map visualizations
  • Handle positive and negative values on charts
  • Replace a visualization with a more effective one
  • Understand the tradeoffs in adding information to a chart
  • Identify the issues on a dashboard


1. How to Apply Visualization Skills
2. Encoding Data with the Hierarchy
3. Handling Positive and Negative Values
4. Communicating vs Charting
5. Re-encoding a Stacked Bar Chart
6. Gradients, Colors, and Shapes

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7. Transforming a Large Table
8. Complex Visual Tradeoffs
9. Completing the Table Transformation
10. Identifying Issues on a Dashboard
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