Data Fundamentals

Gain a clear understanding of the concepts and ideas that underpin data analytics and related areas.

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Data Literacy

3 courses

29 lessons

Statistical Analysis

5 courses

54 lessons

Excel Analysis

Improve your Excel proficiency at any level, from basic functionality to sophisticated financial applications.

Excel Excel for Business Analytics Learning Plan


21 courses

266 lessons

Financial Modeling

8 courses

109 lessons

Data Analytics & BI

Learn how to manipulate and visualize large datasets for insights using the latest tools and techniques.

> Tableau Tableau for data visualization


12 courses

113 lessons

Power BI

11 courses

138 lessons


12 courses

133 lessons

Office Communication

Learn how to communicate your insights more effectively by mastering workplace productivity software.


7 courses

58 lessons

Powerpoint Powerpoint


5 courses

48 lessons


2 courses

19 lessons