Data Fundamentals

Gain a clear understanding of the concepts and ideas that underpin data analytics and related areas.

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Data Literacy

5 courses

46 lessons

Data Ethics & Risk

2 courses

21 lessons

Data Security

2 courses

24 lessons

Statistical Analysis

5 courses

54 lessons

Data Strategy & Governance

2 courses

24 lessons

Spreadsheet Analysis

Improve your Excel proficiency at any level, from basic functionality to sophisticated financial applications.


21 courses

274 lessons

2 projects

Financial Modeling

8 courses

109 lessons

Data Visualization

Learn how to manipulate and visualize large datasets for insights using the latest tools and techniques.

Visualization Fundamentals

2 courses

21 lessons

Power BI

12 courses

153 lessons

3 projects



13 courses

129 lessons

3 projects

Data Preparation

Learn how to efficiently combine data from multiple sources and transform it so that it can be consistently interpreted for valuable insights.


15 courses

179 lessons

3 projects


5 courses

45 lessons

Python Fundamentals

5 courses

53 lessons

2 projects

AI & Machine Learning

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to business on both conceptual and practical levels.

AI Fundamentals

6 courses

63 lessons

Machine Learning with Python

7 courses

63 lessons

2 projects

Alteryx Intelligence Suite

2 courses

16 lessons

Robotic Process Automation

Learn how to automate repetitive tasks and processes to dramatically accelerate the speed of your work.

RPA Fundamentals

1 course

9 lessons

RPA with Power Automate

3 courses

31 lessons

RPA with UiPath

4 courses

40 lessons

Business Communication

Learn how to communicate your insights more effectively by mastering workplace productivity software.


5 courses

48 lessons


7 courses

58 lessons


2 courses

19 lessons