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How Kubicle transforms business teams

Magnifying glass on colored blocks

Better Analysis

Develop capabilities to identify and communicate accurate business insights.

Person making a decision

Improved Decisions

Increase understanding and reduce errors with practical hands-on courses.

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Faster Results

Boost business performance through major gains in speed and efficiency.

How Kubicle supports learners

Kubicle learner interface on desktop and mobile screens

At Kubicle we don't just teach data, we use it to optimize the learning experience. Our adaptive technology keeps learners focused on appropriate content, whether that's core software functionality or analysis of complex business scenarios.

  • Skills Gap Diagnostics
  • Customized Learning Plans
  • Applied Business Focus
  • Lesson and Exercise Files
  • Course Certificate
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How Kubicle supports managers

Transform your team’s business data skills with Kubicle Enterprise. We’re on a mission to help organizations implement effective e-learning and demonstrate real ROI. Our approach combines the right content with tools and methods designed to achieve your training goals.

  • Customize

  • Diagnose

  • Measure

  • Assess

  • Improve

Kubicle learning group segmentation


Segment learners into groups and keep them focused on the skills that matter.

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Chart showing learner skill levels


Evaluate your employees in order to identify skill gaps and gauge proficiency.

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Performance and progress dashboard


Track performance over time to help motivate learners. Demonstrate real ROI.

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Learner assessment experience


Put training to the test with exercises and exams focused on real business problems.

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Kubicle's support resources


Make the most of your Kubicle implementation with continuous dedicated support.

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Stay focused with adaptive learning plans

Custom Content Development Custom Content Development Service

Custom Content Development

Can't find the content you're looking for? We'll work with you to develop high-quality training designed to meet your organization's needs.

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