AI Literacy Training for Organisations

Scalable AI Literacy for Organizations

Keep your team ahead of the curve through effective adoption of AI. Guarantee impactful and ethical use of generative AI through our expert designed courses.

AI Literacy Training

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Helping to Build Critical Skills in:
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What is AI Literacy?

AI literacy involves understanding the capabilities and implications of artificial intelligence, enabling informed decision-making and ethical use.

The Growing Adoption of AI in Business

81% of employees perform better with the use of AI technology

– SnapLogic


92.1% of organizations have reported that they are realizing measurable benefits from Data & AI initiatives

– NewVantage Partners


56% of employees report that they use AI daily

– SnapLogic


Only 14% of employees have received formal training in AI



The Risks of Neglecting AI Training 

Security Risks

Security Risks:

Untrained staff can inadvertently expose systems to AI-driven threats due to a lack of awareness about security protocols.

Ethical Pitfalls

Ethical Pitfalls:

Without a grasp of AI ethics, organizations risk deploying solutions that could lead to bias or other moral conflicts.

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities:

Failing to understand AI technologies means missing out on their potential to enhance business operations and customer engagement.

The Opportunities of AI Literacy

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency:

Understanding AI tools and applications drives efficiency, reducing manual effort through smart automation.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage:

AI literacy prepares your workforce to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market, harnessing AI for strategic advantage.

Enhanced Innovation

Enhanced Innovation:

Equipped with AI knowledge, teams can creatively leverage AI to solve complex problems and generate new ideas.

Our Offering: How We Deliver AI Literacy

Purpose-Built, Accredited Courses

Purpose-Built, Accredited Courses:

Our courses, including the “AI Citizen” course, are designed by experts and accredited to ensure high-quality learning experiences.

Micro-Learning Modules

Micro-Learning Modules:

Bite-sized learning segments make complex AI concepts accessible and manageable, perfect for busy professionals.

Up-to-date Content

Up-to-date Content:

We continuously update our materials to include the latest AI trends and technologies, such as Generative AI, Chat GPT, and Large Language Models.

Engagement Tracking and Reporting

Engagement Tracking and Reporting:

Our platform not only delivers content but also tracks user engagement and progress, providing valuable insights into learning outcomes and areas for improvement.

AI Literacy Curriculum:


Enterprise-Grade Features for Comprehensive Management

Kubicle is crafted with the enterprise at its core, offering features for bulk people management, self-service options, and enhanced security. Manage large teams effortlessly, with tools designed for efficient user administration and group learning paths. Our platform prioritizes data protection and privacy, providing a secure environment for your organization’s learning needs. Experience a seamless, scalable solution that grows with your business, ensuring every team member’s learning journey is managed with precision.

Dedicated Support for Your Learning Journey

At Kubicle, your success is our priority. From the moment you join, you’ll be paired with an expert onboarding specialist and a dedicated customer success team. These specialists are committed to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the impact of your learning initiatives. Benefit from tailored advice, strategic planning, and ongoing support designed to optimize your organization’s learning experience and outcomes.

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