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Management Consulting

Add value to project work with time-efficient learning

Every hour on the bench affects the bottom line, so ensure your team’s learning needs are met in the most efficient, consistent and valuable way with Kubicle’s data-driven content.

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Why Consultants Choose Kubicle

Time spent on the bench needs to be as short and productive as possible.

Kubicle’s courses meet that need by upskilling consultants to meet industry expectations, so on project work offers more value and insight.

Most Popular Courses in Management Consulting


Get Hands On With Projects


Boost Productivity By Optimizing Compensation


Optimize Company Revenue With Cost Analysis

What are Projects?

Projects are simulated business scenarios that test a learner’s capability to apply the concepts taught in a collection of Kubicle courses.

Before practicing new found skills in the real-world, they can do so in the safety of a sandbox environment.

Learning Certificates

Showcase Your Skills

Each time you complete a course exam, you earn a certificate that demonstrates your proficiency in that subject matter. We are proud to be able to say that Kubicle certificates are recognized by the most respected employers from around the world.

When you earn internationally-recognized certificates, you increase confidence. And when you enhance your ability, speed and accuracy, you increase your employability.

Why Learn With Kubicle?

Real-world data skills to really set you apart

Recognized Certificates and Diplomas

You can demonstrate your proficiency to current and potential employers, by earning internationally recognized certificates and diplomas upon competition of your course exams and learning profiles.

Build Your Expertise and Confidence

When you decrease gaps in your decrease, you increase confidence. And when you enhance your ability, speed and accuracy, you increase your employability too.

Get Real World Experience

While our training is undertaken by diverse leaners around the world, each share a common ambition – to get the tools, knowledge and confidence to master the real world of work.

What Our Students Say

We don’t aim to satisfy, we aim to delight

Why Consulting Firms Choose Kubicle

Raise your game, your confidence and your employability

Learn Efficiently

Embed the knowledge faster and better with accessible courses, that meet 'on project' demands.

Lead Competition

Stay ahead of the market curve with thought-leading consultancy for your elearning needs.

Add Value

Deepen data fluency, allowing consultants to ask the right questions, enhancing project results.

Build Consistency

Level-up cohorts of learners to standardized baselines, with semesterised, red-thread learning paths.

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We’re here to help in any way we can.

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