For Individuals

$ $468

Per licence, per annum

For individual learners looking to get ahead


For Business

$ $453

Per licence, per annum

Entry-level eLearning requirements


For Business

$ $511

Per licence, per annum

For fast paced, rapidly growing businesses


For Business

$ $595

Per licence, per annum
Advantage Plus

Maximum eLearning features and benefits

Individual Basic Advantage Advantage Plus
Price per license (per licence, per annum) 468 453 511 595
Transfer allowance (transfer of licences threshold) - - 10% 20%
Organisation admin license quota - 1 2 3
Learning group admin license quota - 2 4 6
Course certificates, CPE, NASBA, CPD certified
Semesters, learning paths co-branded diplomas
Learner and admin onboarding training
Customer success management and support
Volume discounts (on agreement)
Standard service level agreement (SLA)
Full suite of reports
Learning path & data literacy consultation
Customised and bespoke reports
Customised branding options for clients
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Application Programming Interface (API) access
Single sign on (SSO) (minimum 100 users, subject to conditions)
LMS integraton (minimum 100 users, subject to conditions)
Premium service level agreement (SLA)
Bespoke / tailored learning paths
Software / innovation early access

Custom Plans

If you feel you don’t need full access to everything we have to offer, then simply talk to us today about creating a custom plan that meets your unique needs.


Custom Content

We create all our content in-house. So, if you want to order some bespoke training modules from us, we’ll work with you to get what you need to achieve what you want.

What Our Students Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

What currencies do you accept?

We accept USD, EUR and GBP.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes. Business orders require a minimum of 10 learner licenses.

Are there volume discounts for large purchases?

Yes. We have a volume discount policy for bulk purchases of 20+ business licenses. Discounts are applied on a tiered basis, resulting in a decreasing price per unit as an organization’s license purchases move up through defined volume ranges. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer volume discounts on personal plans.

What is the standard term of a business license?

All business licenses carry a standard term of 12 months.

Can I pay monthly?

Both Individual and Business licenses are charged annually on a standard 12-month term and cannot be charged on a monthly basis.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital content, business license payment obligations cannot be canceled and amounts paid are non-refundable, except as specifically provided for in your organization’s contractual agreement with Kubicle.

Do administrators require licenses?

Yes. However, complimentary administrator licenses are included with your purchase. The number of complimentary licenses provided will vary depending on the number of learner licenses you have purchased. Of course, additional administrator licenses can be purchased from Kubicle at any time by simply contacting your account manager.

Can business licenses be transferred or shared between users?

It depends on the license type.  Each license tier has a specific quota of transferable licenses.  With Advantage Plus, 20% of business licenses purchased can be transferred from one user to one other user. These licenses can be legitimately transferred from users who leave their department or company or are assigned in error. However, they cannot be repeatedly deactivated and reactivated for the purpose of sharing. Beyond this allowance, the sharing of licenses across multiple users is a breach of Kubicle’s Terms of Service and may result in the suspension of your account.

Can I purchase more licenses during the term of my Master Subscription Agreement?

Yes. If you would like to add more licenses to an existing Master Subscription Agreement term, simply contact your account manager.

Can I purchase multiple Personal licenses for my organization?

All Personal licenses must be purchased individually through the site with a credit or debit card. Any organization can make multiple individual purchases, however Personal licenses lack team functionality and have no volume discounts applied. As a result, we recommend the purchase of Enterprise licenses for organizations.

Can Personal licenses be transferred or shared between users?

Personal licenses cannot be either transferred or shared between users. The sharing of licenses is a breach of Kubicle’s Terms of Service and may result in the suspension of your account. Enterprise licenses can be transferred between users under certain conditions.