About Kubicle

On a mission to democratize data

From There to Here

Our Story

Kubicle was established in 2014 to help organizations solve the costly issue of data literacy by building a world of data citizens, ready for the rapidly changing world. Since then, we’ve crafted over 1,000 lessons across a variety of game-changing subjects.

Our unique training platform is built for business and used by some of the biggest businesses in the world. Supported by an incredible team of international subject matter experts, we continue to grow to this day, to help organizations prepare for what’s coming tomorrow.

Data Literacy Specialists

Why Companies Choose Kubicle

Online training for humans, by humans.

We’re Efficient

Our micro-learning format produces results up to 10 times faster than competitors.

We’re Effective

Our solutions produce meaningful results that deliver real impact.

We’re Experts

Our subject matter experts create all our content here in house.

We’re Experienced

We’ve been working with some of the biggest businesses in the world since 2014.

We’re Easy to Use

We present information in a deliberate understandable order.

We’re For Everyone

Most learning platforms don’t cater for regular, non-data professionals. We do.

We’re Extensive

We provide over 1,000 lessons covering the top tools, tech and theories used today.

We’re Enterprise-Ready

Our content and distribution system is built for modern the modern workforce.

We’re Ever-Growing

We continue to expand, adapt and stay ahead of the ever-changing business world.

Our Core Training Values

Our unique approach to both content and software development.


We identify and connect with manager and learner needs.


We present information in a deliberate understandable order.


Our solution focuses on real impact and meaningful results.


Our systems provide clear and actionable feedback to all users.


Our approach aims to motivate users and inspire discipline.


We place a high value on real-life business experience.

What About You?

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If you’d like help getting there, simply reach out to us.