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Python Basics

Functions, Conditionality and Loops

A basic understanding of Python is helpful, but it will only take you so far. In this course, you will explore some common functions and conditional operators that can be used and combined to take your scripts to the next level.

Intermediate        11 Lessons        180 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

With a basic, conceptual understanding of Python, it’s time to start writing practical, effective code. In this course you will explore some of the basic techniques that significantly improve the efficacy of your code.

You will learn some of the basic, commonly used functions in Python. You will experiment with conditionality using IF statements. You will also explore loops and how they can be used to cycle through datasets.

By the end of this course, you will have the basic building blocks necessary to write complex and pointed scripts in Python.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Use numerous types of functions
  • Create custom functions
  • Add conditionality with if statements
  • Create looping code with for loops and while loops


1. Course Introduction
2. Essential Functions
3. Data Type Functions
4. List Aggregation Functions
5. List Manipulation Functions
6. Creating Custom Functions

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7. Creating Custom Libraries
8. If Statements
9. Conditional Operators
10. For Loops
11. While Loops
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