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Python Basics

Python Fundamentals

The enduring popularity of Python remains a testament to its usefulness and its versatility. In this course, by examining the core features of the language, you will discover why Python remains such a popular business solution.

Beginner        11 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

As with many programming languages, Python can, at first glance, appear quite intimidating. In this course, by examining its features at a high level, you can take your first steps unto untangling the language.

You will break down some of Python’s core features. Using Jupyter Notebook, you will perform basic calculations. You will explore the different datatypes available in the language and how they are stored.

By the end of this course, you will have untangled some of the basic components of Python and will have a deeper appreciation of its utility as a business solution.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn why Python is useful
  • Get familiar with Jupyter Notebook
  • Perform basic calculations
  • Understand data types
  • Store data in variables


1. Course Introduction
2. What Is Python?
3. Why Learn Python?
4. Getting Started with Jupyter Notebook
5. Creating Our First Jupyter Notebook
6. Basic Calculations in Python

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7. Exploring Data Types
8. Understanding the Print Function
9. Storing Information in Variables
10. Storing Data in Lists
11. Storing Paired Values in Dictionaries
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