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4 courses , 46 lessons , 4 exams

Data Literacy

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Introduction to Data and Databases

Data can deliver significant benefits to companies but is often not well understood by people. This course explains 3 key underlying principles of data; data analysis, structuring data and databases.

10 lessons
44 minutes
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Thinking and Communicating with Data

Often the ability to think about data and the ability to effectively communicate are considered separate skillsets. This course focuses on harmonizing the two skills into one essential skillset.

12 lessons
55 minutes
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Principles of Statistics

Statistics is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. This course demonstrates how to summarize a dataset of interest and draw conclusions about the data

10 lessons
48 minutes
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Introduction to Predictive Modeling

In analytics, a model is a simplified mathematical approximation of some real-world process. Models can be used to analyze other datasets or make predictions for the future.

14 lessons
1 hour 13 minutes
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