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Data Analysis with Excel

Transform your understanding of Excel and learn how you can perform faster analysis, reduce errors and make better business decisions. You’ll develop a deep understanding of Excel’s most important capabilities, from basic manipulation and formatting to lookups and pivot tables. Learners who complete this Learning Path will be ready for examination under Microsoft’s official Excel certifications (MO-201 Associate & MO-202 Expert).

Excel      25 hours      20.0 CPD/CPE Credits
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Data Literacy

Thinking and Communicating with Data

Often the ability to think about data and the ability to effectively communicate are considered separate skillsets. This course focuses on harmonizing the two skills into one essential skillset.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Data Literacy

Introduction to Data and Databases

Data doesn’t have to be just for technically minded analysts. These courses teach you all the non-technical principles of understanding and working with data in your company.

Course     90 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Data Manipulation and Formatting

Insert, edit, delete and sort data, perform lightning-fast navigation and radically improve your productivity in Excel with this course.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Formulas and Functions

This course introduces the most useful of Excel’s built-in arithmetic and logical functions. You also learn how to write, manipulate and audit your own formulas.

Course     210 Minutes     3.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Finance Functions

Excel is commonly used by finance professionals to evaluate investment returns. This course introduces important finance functions you can use for this purpose, including Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Text, Time, and Dates

Excel has a host of functions that help manipulate these 3 data types. In this course, we’ll learn how to clean, chop and manipulate text entries and how to perform time-series analysis on a dataset for an online start-up.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Optimize company revenue with cost analysis

Help a startup catering company that has grown quickly in its first year, but can’t pinpoint why. You’ll use Excel to analyze their cost trends and determine what spending items actually boost revenue – helping the company mature and grow steadily in the future.

Project    90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Lookups and Database Functions

Lookup functions help you quickly find records in large datasets. Learn how to use these functions, create dropdown lists, build search panels and much more in this course.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables allow you to search, filter and sort data very quickly, making them an essential data analysis tool in Excel.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Boost productivity by optimizing compensation

In this project, you’ll help a solar panel manufacturer that’s unable to motivate their salespeople to perform effectively. You’ll use Excel to analyze their existing sales data and identify a compensation structure that delivers optimal performance for the sales department.

Project      90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Charts in Depth

Creating charts is a very common task in Excel. This course shows you how to create, format and edit charts so that they are easy to understand and look professional.

Course     90 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Build Your First Dashboard

Dashboards are a very popular business tool for summarising and garnering insights from data. In this course, we’ll build a simple sales dashboard from scratch in Excel.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

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Data Analysis with Excel

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