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Visualizing Data with Power BI

Transform your ability to visualize data and develop insights using Power BI. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of Power BI’s features, including visualizations, reports, and dashboards. You’ll learn important skills like designing effective visualizations and dashboards. You’ll also learn how to import and process data in the Query Editor and analyze your data using DAX formulas. Learners who complete this Learning Path will be ready for examination under Microsoft’s official Power BI certifications (PL-300 Analyst Associate).

Power BI      22 hours      18.0 CPD/CPE Credits
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Visualization Fundamentals

Visual Data Thinking

Visualization is a critical business skill. In this course, you’ll learn about the visual language hierarchy, and you’ll discover how to add information to a chart in a way that maximizes its effectiveness.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Visualization Fundamentals

Applying Visual Data Skills

The best way to create effective visualizations using the visual language hierarchy is through practice. In this course, we’ll work through several visual case studies, and learn how to use the hierarchy to improve visualizations and make them more effective.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Building Your First Dashboard

This course introduces Power BI and its capabilities to new users. You’ll learn how to create a dashboard, import data and create a report in Power BI Desktop. You will then upload the report to Power BI to create the dashboard.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Introduction to Visualizations in Power BI

This course introduces many of the most common visualization types in Power BI, such as bar charts, line charts and scatter charts. It will also introduce some of the most common tools for formatting visuals.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Developing Effective Visualizations

In this course, we’ll look at the remaining visual types in Power BI, like treemaps, matrices and waterfall charts. We’ll also see how to add custom visuals, and we’ll look at features like hierarchies, quick measures and groups.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Designing Effective Dashboards

Creating proper visualizations is only useful if you can also arrange them into dashboards that communicate your messages effectively. This course will teach you how to do this.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Identify taxpayer cohorts by exploring data

Help a regional government assess the impact of a controversial property tax that’s calculated based on a range of variables. You’ll show them how to arrange and explore population data to demonstrate the impact of proposed measures and identify potential problems with the tax structure.

Project      90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Tackle delivery delays with real-time dashboards

Help a furniture chain store that’s frustrating customers by delivering products with severe delays. You’ll help them identify where the delays occur by building dashboards that deliver real-time insights and indicators. This will help the company react quickly and fix its problems.

Project 90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

The Query Editor

The Query Editor is used in Power BI Desktop to load and transform data before analyzing it. In this course, we’ll import files from a folder, combine them into one query, and transform the data using the Query Editor.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Introduction to DAX

Power BI’s formula language is called Data Analysis Expressions or DAX. This course introduces DAX, demonstrating how to use DAX to create columns and measures in your dataset, and introduces some of the most common DAX functions.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Advanced DAX Functions and Concepts

This course continues the analysis of DAX. It demonstrates some aspects of the language that are commonly used, but also potentially difficult, such as time intelligence. It also explains the concepts that distinguish DAX from formula languages such as Excel, such as row and filter contexts.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Power BI

Reduce an internet provider’s customer complaints

Help an internet service provider get to grips with its poor customer service experience. You’ll clean customer data, create a solid data model, and use it to derive insights about the issues people are experiencing, providing guidance for the company to improve its customer relations.

Project  90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Certified Diploma

Essential Principles of Data Analysis

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