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Excel Essentials

Functions and Formulas

Excel features a wealth of built-in computation tools that can add value to your data analysis. In this course, you’ll discover the most useful functions and formulas to use, as well as how to write, manipulate and audit your own to suit your specific data needs.

Beginner        17 Lessons        210 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

The next step in mastering Excel is to explore the formulas and functions you can use to analyse your data.

Starting with the basics, each lesson in this course will expand your capabilities. You’ll delve into simple calculation formulas and learn how to consolidate data from multiple sheets, discovering how to save time on mundane tasks.

By the end of this course, you’ll become so adept in using functions, that you’ll learn how to create your own to better suit your data’s needs. This customisation will speed up the calculation process and offer you more time to work on what really matters.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Use basic arithmetic functions like SUM and AVERAGE
  • Perform conditional arithmetic
  • Use logical operators such as IF, AND, and OR
  • Anchor cells in your formulas
  • Use array formulas
  • Generate and use random numbersAudit your formulas to identify errors
  • Use fill commands to copy formulas between cells
  • Understand how Excel displays and stores numbers


1. Basic Arithmetic Operations
2. Conditional Arithmetic
3. Max, Min and Average Functions
4. Logical Operators
5. Using the Switch Function
6. Naming and Anchoring Cells

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7. Array Formulas
8. More On Array Formulas
9. Using SUMPRODUCT for Conditional Arithmetic
10. Adding Multiple Conditions to SUMPRODUCT
11. Consolidating Multiple Datasets
12. Generating Random Numbers
13. Formula Auditing
14. Fill Commands
15. Information Functions
16. Rounding Numbers
17. Creating Your Own Functions
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