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Calculate the returns from a leveraged buyout

In this project, you’ll help a private equity firm purchase a soft drinks manufacturer in a leveraged buyout. You’ll build a thorough model for the transaction, and evaluate the private equity firm’s expected returns. This will help them decide if the transaction is worth pursuing.

Excel        90 Minutes        1.5 CPD Credits
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Project Steps Involved

1. BuyBye’s decision to buy a drinks company
2. Develop assumptions for the transaction
3. Calculate amounts of each debt source
4. Create a sources and uses table
5. Allocate the purchase price premium
6. Build a debt repayment schedule
7. Calculate debt repayment metrics
8. Analyze returns from the investment

Prerequisite Courses

Advanced Financial Modeling

Advanced LBO Modeling Part 1


Leveraged Buyouts

Advanced Financial Modeling

Advanced LBO Modeling Part 2

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