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Visualizing Data with Tableau

Learn to effectively communicate business insights to a wide audience. You’ll learn the basics of what makes a good visualization and then apply that knowledge in Tableau where you’ll build visualizations and dashboards that clearly and effortlessly communicate the main insights within your data. Learners who complete this Learning Path will be ready for examination under Tableau’s official Specialist certification.

Tableau      19 hours      14.5 CPD/CPE Credits
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Visualisation Fundamentals

Visual Data Thinking

Visualization is a critical business skill. In this course, you’ll learn about the visual language hierarchy, and you’ll discover how to add information to a chart in a way that maximizes its effectiveness.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Visualization Fundamentals

Applying Visual Data Skills

The best way to create effective visualizations using the visual language hierarchy is through practice. In this course, we’ll work through several visual case studies, and learn how to use the hierarchy to improve visualizations and make them more effective.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Introducing Tableau

Our first Tableau course will show you how to connect datasets to Tableau, understand the user interface, create interactive visualizations and how to save and distribute your work.

Course     120 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Creating Visualizations in Tableau

Tableau has many excellent visualization options for your data, from simple bar charts to interactive maps and box-plots. In this course, we will step through each type of visualization, learning how and when to use them.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Filter, Groups, and Sets

Filters, sets and groups enable users to create custom lists and calculations that can enhance your ability to isolate certain portions of your dataset. Filters also create great interactive elements on your dashboards.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Dashboard Design

Creating proper visualizations is only useful if you can also arrange them into dashboards that communicate your messages effectively. This course will teach you how to do this.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Introduction to Formulas in Tableau

Tableau has its own Calculation Language that is similar to SQL or Excel. In this course, we’ll write some basic formulas in the Tableau Calculation Language, incorporating useful in-built functions like LOOKUP() and WINDOWSUM().

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Further Formulas in Tableau

In our second course on Tableau formulas, we learn how to use logical functions, such as AND, IF and OR. In the second part of this course we also examine text, time and date functions and how they are best used in Tableau.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Level of Detail Expressions

In Tableau, it can be difficult to combine different levels of granularity in a single view. Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions solve this problem but do require some practice to master.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Advanced Visualizations in Tableau

This course moves beyond the regular visualizations in Tableau and shows users how to create more advanced charts such as layered maps, funnels and waterfall charts.

Course     90 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

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Visualizing Data with Tableau

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