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Data Preparation with Python

Get up to speed with the basics of Python using Jupyter Notebooks. Learn how to apply this knowledge to connect to and clean datasets from a variety of sources, be they locally stored or hosted online.

Python      18 hours      16.5 CPD/CPE Credits
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Data Literacy

Introduction to Data and Databases

Data doesn’t have to be just for technically minded analysts. These courses teach you all the non-technical principles of understanding and working with data in your company.

Course     90 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Data Literacy

Introduction to Data Preparation

Learn the key principles of data preparation in order to format your data in a consistent manner, ready for analysis. You’ll gain a solid understanding of this critical process, ensuring that your insights are built on solid foundations.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

In this course, the learner will get a grasp of the basics of Python. We’ll learn about the basic principles behind Python, along with learning what Python is and why it’s popular.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Functions, Conditionality and Loops

In this course, we learn some important Python functionality that considerably enhances what we can do with Python code. We learn about functions, conditional statements, and repeating code loops.

Course     180 Minutes     2.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Storing, Transforming and Visualizing Data

This course focuses on using Python to organize data We’ll learn about ways to load, clean, transform and visualize our data. We’ll also cover 3 critical Python libraries: NumPy for advanced calculations, Pandas for reading and manipulating datasets, and MatPlotLib for visualizing data.

Course     180 Minutes     2.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Data Preparation

Learn about techniques you can use to manipulate data such as data unions, joins and aggregation. You’ll also cover data cleaning methods such as handling nulls, duplicates, false data types, and more.

Course     150 Minutes     3.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Connecting to Live Data

Use Python to connect to live data from an online source. You’ll learn how to download csv files hosted online, add web page tables to Python and connect to data from APIs.

Course     90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Predict frost risk in vineyards using live data

Help a winemaker that has a system in place for predicting the risk of frost in its vineyards. Currently, the company manually adds minimum temperature forecasts, but this is slow and if forgotten, can lead to frost damage. You’ll automate this process using Python to connect to live weather data.

Project      90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Python Fundamentals

Clean nutritional data from ingredient suppliers

Help a homemade meal kit delivery company with a data problem that’s breaking customer trust. You’ll connect to data from multiple online sources and then apply data cleaning best practices to create a dataset free of errors and inefficiencies.

Project      90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits

Certified Diploma

Data Preparation with Python

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