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Preparing Data with Alteryx

Learn how to prepare high volumes of data at speed with sophisticated Alteryx workflows. You’ll learn how to quickly get up and running with Alteryx, applying a wide range of available tools to clean data and establish repeatable processes for scale.

Alteryx      26 hours      21.5 CPD/CPE Credits
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Data Literacy

Introduction to Data and Databases

Data doesn’t have to be just for technically minded analysts. These courses teach you all the non-technical principles of understanding and working with data in your company.

Course     90 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits

Data Literacy

Introduction to Data Preparation

Learn the key principles of data preparation in order to format your data in a consistent manner, ready for analysis. You’ll gain a solid understanding of this critical process, ensuring that your insights are built on solid foundations.

Course     60 Minutes     1.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Alteryx Fundamentals

In this course, we start by explaining how to import different datasets into Alteryx. By using tools such as data selection, comment and containers, we emphasize the importance of well-laid out and correctly labelled workflows.

Course     150 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Joining and Transforming Data

Joining data is a fundamental data preparation skill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. We’ve configured this course to ensure that the users have a much stronger grasp of this essential skill. This course covers the basics of unions, joins, pivoting, and transposing data.


Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Inputting and Outputting Data

In this course, we explore the number of ways that Alteryx enables us to connect with our data and share our findings with collaborators or even other programs. It explores tools such as the Dynamic Input tool, various Reporting tools and manually installed tools such as the Publish to Power BI tool.

Course     180 Minutes     3.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Applying Parsing and Formula Tools

In almost all projects, we’ll need to parse data and perform calculations to facilitate further analysis. In this course we’ll look at the parsing and formula tools available in Alteryx.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Automate the preparation of revenue data for analysis

In this project, you’ll help a washing machine company that’s struggling to prepare complex datasets for business reporting. You’ll show WashCo how they can use Alteryx to clean up their revenue data automatically – preventing delays, mistakes and internal confusion.

Project      90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Automate the presentation of cash flow data

Help an emerging sushi franchise with a cash flow reporting problem. The company is having difficulty reviewing the financials of its franchisees and would like to generate standardized, up-to-date reports for each of its franchisees. You’ll use Alteryx reporting tools to automate this process.

Project      90 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Finding and Replacing Data

Through this course, analysts will learn more advanced techniques for parsing and manipulating data through Alteryx. Analysts are introduced to the concepts of Fuzzy Matching and Regular Expressions through a series of lessons.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Spatial Data and Mapping

Data visualization and geospatial mapping are increasingly popular business tools. In this course, we’ll look at how Alteryx can help analysts convert coordinates into recognizable geospatial data for mapping and analysis.

Course     120 Minutes     1.5 CPD/CPE Credits


Applications and Macros

These lessons look at the Alteryx interface tools. You will learn how to design and execute dynamic apps, and create Batch Macros and Iterative Macros. Finally, you will learn how to connect Analytical Applications in series.

Course     210 Minutes     3.0 CPD/CPE Credits


Regression Analysis

This course focuses on the use of linear and logistic regression analysis applied to business use cases. Learn how to deploy and assess the quality of your models and improve their predictive performance.

Course     150 Minutes     2.0 CPD/CPE Credits

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Data Preparation with Alteryx

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