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Investment Valuation

Valuing a Real Estate Investment

Theory is best learnt through practice, so in this course, you’ll learn how to apply a full valuation model from scratch. Using the common asset of real estate, you’ll discover each step needed to estimate a property’s value. This example will give you a real-world understanding of how simple the process can be.

Advanced        13 Lessons        120 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Theory isn’t always enough when understanding a concept, so this course runs through a real estate case study to embed your valuation knowledge.

Across 13 lessons, you’ll discover each of the steps needed to apply a valuation model to the assessment of a 3-bed apartment. You’ll project future revenues, calculate future expenses, assess the mortgage and tax payments, and estimate the selling price, before valuing the overall returns on the investment.

By the end of the course, you’ll master the Excel models to use to navigate the investment query and boost your confidence in the validity of your results.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Create a model of a real estate investment problem
  • Project the future revenues from a real estate investment
  • Project the future expenses from a real estate investment
  • Calculate mortgage and tax payments for a real estate investment
  • Estimate the selling price of a property
  • Calculate the Capital Gains Tax incurred when selling a property
  • Calculate the returns on a real estate investment


1. Introducing the Case
2. Define the Model Structure
3. Revenue Projections
4. Calculate Effective Gross Income
5. Expense Projections
6. Navigation Tips for Models

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7. Mortgage Calculations
8. Income Tax Calculations
9. Operating Cash Flows
10. Estimating the Final Selling Price
11. Capital Gains Taxes
12. Calculate Investment IRR
13. Find the Drivers of IRR
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