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Generative AI

Using Copilot in Microsoft 365

Copilot is Microsoft’s AI assistant that can significantly speed up your work in Microsoft 365 products like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Teams. In this course, you’ll learn what Copilot can do in Microsoft 365 and how it can improve your efficiency at work.

Intermediate        10 Lessons        120 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Copilot is Microsoft’s generative AI-powered productivity tool that helps you complete tasks in Microsoft 365 more quickly and efficiently than you could complete them yourself. Copilot is in effect a chatbot found in Microsoft 365 products like Excel, PowerPoint, or Word. You can ask it questions or give it instructions using prompts, and it will interpret those prompts and take the relevant action within seconds.

In this course, we consider a delivery company called Rodent Logistics, a delivery company based in Europe. Recently, the company conducted a project to understand why their delivery costs are so high. In this course, we’ll see how Copilot can be used to improve the efficiency of various aspects of this project.

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Learning Outcomes

  • How to use Copilot in Excel
  • Copilot in PowerPoint and Word
  • Copilot in Outlook and Teams
  • Effective ways of chatting with Copilot
  • Maximizing Copilot’s capabilities


1. What is Copilot?
2. Analyzing Excel Data with Copilot
3. Adjusting Excel Spreadsheets with Copilot
4. Using Copilot in PowerPoint
5. Using Copilot in Word
10. Extending Copilot’s Capabilities
9. Using Copilot Effectively
8. Chatting with Copilot
7. Using Copilot in Teams

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6. Using Copilot in Outlook
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