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The Query Editor and DAX

The Query Editor

Create bespoke queries to extract the results you need. This course introduces you to the Query Editor, Power BI’s powerful and versatile tool for loading, transforming and analyzing data from multiple files. Learn how to tailor your queries to match your business needs.

Intermediate        15 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Before long, you will find yourself asking more of Power BI’s data analysis capabilities. You will find that queries are often the solution.

This course guides you through the composition of a basic query in Power BI. You’ll learn the different tools the Query Editor provides for analyzing the structure and distribution of your results. You will also learn how to use the Append Queries option, to add more data to your set.

You’ll leave this course, with a greater understanding of queries, when to use them and how to tailor them to meet your specific requirements in Power BI.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Connect to files or folders in the Query Editor
  • Pivot and unpivot a dataset
  • Adjust the types of your data
  • Profile your data using data profiling tools
  • Merge columns of data and merge queries
  • Filter and format your data
  • Add custom columns to a dataset
  • Load queries into Power BI
  • Refresh a query when the underlying data updates


1. Introduction to the Query Editor
2. Connecting to Multiple Files
3. Unpivoting the Dataset
4. Assigning Data Types
5. Using Data Profiling Tools
6. Merging Queries

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7. Finalizing the Merge
8. Filtering in the Query Editor
9. Formatting Columns
10. Custom and Conditional Columns
11. Adding Columns from Examples
12. The M Formula Language
13. Editing Queries and Loading to Power BI
14. Updating and Refreshing the Query
15. Appending New Data to the Query
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