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Predictive Analytics

Regression Analysis

When predicting and forecasting, you might find it tricky determining the relationship between different variables in your dataset. This course introduces the concept of regression analysis, and how Alteryx provides a suite of tools to explore these relationships.

Advanced        17 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Exploring the relationship between variables in your dataset can be quite illuminating. In this course, you’ll learn how Alteryx’s regression analysis tools can be applied in a real-world business context.

As always, you will begin by preparing your data for analysis. You’ll then explore the different regression models, how and when they should be incorporated into your workflow. Finally, you will evaluate your results and consider ways to optimize performance.

You will come away with this course armed with the tools to create powerful predictive models. You will have a strong based knowledge which you can modify and apply to your own analysis projects.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the applications of linear regression
  • Prepare data for regression
  • Configure linear regression models
  • Validate regression results
  • Evaluate the model performance
  • Optimize performance


1. Understanding Linear Regression
2. Initial Data Investigation
3. Converting Categorical Variables
4. Splitting the Dataset
5. Configuring Our Regression Model
6. Understanding Regression Coefficients

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7. Examining Regression Model Coefficients
8. Evaluating the Model's Performance
9. Using ANOVA in Regression
10. Reading the ANOVA Analysis Table
11. Checking for Linear Relationships
12. Checking for Multicollinearity
13. Inspecting the Model’s Residuals
14. Deploying Our Linear Regression Model
15. Running a Logistic Regression Model
16. Evaluating Our Logistic Regression Model
17. Deploying Our Logistic Regression Model
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