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Power BI Case Study

Power BI Case Study

Get some hands-on experience using Power BI in a business context. In this course you’ll apply the techniques you’ve learned up until this point to a practical case study featuring Interslice, a Software as a Service company.

Advanced        13 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

At this point you will have a solid foundational knowledge of Power BI and DAX. You’ll now be asked to apply this knowledge in your examination of Interslice.

You will first analyze customer information, with an emphasis on tenure length. You will examine other variables of interest, identifying trends. Finally, you will use your analysis to make reasonable forecasts into the future.

Completing this case study will give you a fuller understanding of Power BI, both its strengths and its limitations. Most importantly however, you will come away with tangible experience using Power BI to solve real world business problems.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explore a dataset using Power BI
  • Evaluate growth trends over time
  • Analyze customers by cohort
  • Create a forecast using Power BI


1. Course Introduction
2. Introducing the Data
3. Exploring the Dataset
4. Initial MRR Analysis
5. Breaking Down Changes in MRR
6. Evaluating Growth Trends

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7. Tracking MRR Changes
8. Comparing Customer Sign-Up Trends
9. Analyzing Customer Tenure
10. Cohort Analysis
11. Calculating Average Revenue per User
12. Comparing Customer Distribution by Plan
13. Forecasting Churn Rates
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