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Data Analysis

Pivot Tables

If you’re looking for an interactive way to summarize large amounts of data, then pivot tables are the answer. They allow you to search, filter and sort data very quickly, making them an essential analysis tool in Excel.

Intermediate        12 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Pivot tables allow you to boost the speed at which you analyze your data. They can be complex to understand at first, but once you’ve mastered them, they’ll offer significant improvements on the amount of time you spend completing tasks.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build, format, sort and filter pivot tables to speed up your analysis. You’ll also discover how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues that arise.

After completing the 12 lessons, you’ll understand just how useful pivot tables are, and how to use them to display your findings in an interactive way.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Create Pivot Tables from your Excel data
  • Format the values and cells in a Pivot Table
  • Adjust the values displayed in a Pivot Table
  • Group the date columns in a Pivot Table
  • Add subtotals to a Pivot Table
  • Sort, filter, and slice your Pivot Tables
  • Build Pivot Charts from a Pivot Table
  • Update your Pivot Table to include new data


1. Preparing Your Data for Pivot Tables
2. Build Your First Pivot Table
3. Formatting Pivot Tables
4. Changing Pivot Table Output Values
5. Grouping Date Columns
6. Updating Pivot Tables with New Data

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7. Pivot Table Subtotals
8. Sorting Pivot Table Data
9. Apply Filters to Pivot Tables
10. Pivot Table Slicers
11. Build Charts from a Pivot Table
12. Pivot Table Data in Formulas
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