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The Query Editor and DAX

Introduction to DAX

Ensure you are making the most of Power BI’s Query Editor. Learn how to make complex demands of your data using Power BI’s simple and intuitive formula language, DAX or Data Analysis Expressions

Intermediate        12 Lessons        120 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

As your business needs grow more complex, so too will your queries in Power BI. Learn how to combine DAX functions to ensure your queries are as effective as possible.

You will learn how to create calculated columns and measures using DAX. You’ll be introduced to some common conditional functions like AND and OR. You will also learn how to combine and split columns of data using DAX.

By the end of this course, you will have the basic building blocks to construct complex DAX formulas to vastly improve your data analysis capabilities in Power BI.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Create calculated columns and measures using DAX
  • Create new tables in the data model
  • Use aggregate functions like SUM and AVERAGE
  • Use the CALCULATE function
  • Use logical functions such as IF, AND, and OR
  • Create categories with the SWITCH function
  • Create ranks within your data
  • Use DAX’s text functions


1. Creating Calculated Columns
2. Creating and Using Measures
3. Creating Calculated Tables
4. Aggregation Functions
5. Using the Calculate Function
6. Introduction to Logical Functions

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7. Complex Logical Functions
8. The Switch Function
9. The RankX Function
10. Count and Distinctcount
11. Extracting Text Strings
12. Combining and Splitting Text Fields
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