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Advanced SQL Functions

Data Manipulation with SQL

Conflicting datatypes can often cause issues when working with databases. This course introduces you to some of SQL’s advanced techniques for dealing with different datatypes, from parsing strings to manipulating date and time fields.

Advanced        10 Lessons        90 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

By now, you will feel confident constructing complex SQL queries. In this course, you will expand the scope of your analysis to account for different data types.

You will explore how you can use date functions to determine time elapsed. You will experiment with SQL’s different techniques for manipulating text from multiple columns. You will learn about more advanced numerical concepts like the NULLIF function.

By the end of this course, you will know how to use data type information to your advantage. You will be equipped to write powerful, pointed SQL queries to really extract the information you need from your database.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Use data and time functions
  • Change the case of text data
  • Concatenate text data
  • Extract selections of text
  • Convert data types
  • Convert nulls to 0
  • Convert 0 to nulls


1. Course Introduction
2. Date and Time Functions
3. EXTRACT Function
4. LOWER and UPPER Functions
5. Concatenation Operator
6. LEFT and POSITION Functions

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7. RIGHT and CHAR_LENGTH Functions
8. Converting Data Types
9. COALESCE Function
10. NULLIF Function
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