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Data Manipulation

Applying Parsing and Formula Tools

With your data sourced and connected to your workflow, it’s time to learn how to parse, manipulate and perform calculations to extract the results you need. In this course, you will explore the various parsing and formula tools available in Alteryx.

Intermediate        11 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

When your data is flowing in from different sources, it’s unlikely to be arranged and formatted optimally. Luckily, Alteryx has a range of tools for parsing and arranging your data in a uniform way.

In this course you will explore the options for formatting your data, such as the DateTime tool. You’ll manipulate data using the text to columns tool. You’ll be introduced to the formula Tool, a powerful feature which vastly expands your options for parsing and applying conditional functions to your data.

By the end of this course, you will know how to transform your data into the correct form and format to be ready for advanced calculations. You will gain experience making said calculations using Alteryx’s powerful formula Tool.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Parse date data into the correct format
  • Convert text to columns
  • Parse text using formulas
  • Apply conditional functions
  • Calculate moving averages


1. Course Introduction
2. Date and Time Basics
3. Applying Formulas to Multiple Fields
4. Using the Text to Columns Tool
5. Parsing Data with the Formula Tool
6. Using Conditional Functions

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7. Using the Switch Function
8. Generating New Rows of Data
9. Calculating Moving Averages
10. Calculating Quarterly Revenue
11. Analyzing Market Share
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