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The Query Editor and DAX

Advanced DAX Functions and Concepts

Delve deeper into Power BI’s formula language, DAX. In this course you’ll explore aspects of DAX which are commonly used but also potentially difficult. You’ll also learn the concepts that distinguish DAX from other formula languages.

Advanced        14 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

At this point you have only scratched the surface of DAX’s capabilities. This course encourages you to explore some of its more technical functionality to further unlock its potential.

You will learn how to create variables in DAX, you will also learn how date information can be incorporated into your data analysis. You’ll be introduced to relational functions like RELATED and filtering functions like FILTER and ALL.

By the end of this course, you will have expanded your knowledge of DAX and will be ready to apply what you have learned to practical examples.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Use DAX’s date functions
  • Add a date table to a data model
  • Create variables in a data model
  • Use relational functions like RELATED
  • Understand cross filtering in a Power BI data model
  • Use filtering functions like FILTER and ALL
  • Understand the row and filter contexts in DAX
  • Understand how context transition works in DAX


1. Using Date Functions
2. Adding and Using Date Tables
3. Time Intelligence Analysis
4. Working with Variables
5. Relationship and Data Model Properties
6. Understanding Cross Filtering

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7. Role Playing Dimensions
8. Relational Functions
9. Applying the FILTER Function
10. Other Filtering Functions
11. Understanding the Row Context
12. Multiple Row Contexts
13. Understanding Filter Contexts
14. Context Transition in Power BI
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