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Online Service and Data Connections

Advanced Data Connections

Explore some of Power BI’s more advanced connectivity features. In this course you’ll learn how to connect to external sources, whether that’s connecting to a database in Power BI Desktop or importing Excel files for analysis in the Power BI online service. Please note that some of the content covered in this course requires a Power BI Pro license.

Advanced        11 Lessons        120 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

Databases are a common feature of data analysis projects, however, working with such large datasets need not be limited to database administrators. In this course you’ll learn the basic tools for connecting databases to your workspace in Power BI.

You’ll step through the process of connecting an online database to Power BI Desktop. Similarly, you’ll learn how to connect an Excel sheet to the Power BI online service. As you progress, you’ll develop an appreciation of the differences between the online and desktop versions of Power BI.

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to connect your workspaces to external data sources, significantly boosting he size and scale of your data analysis projects.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Connect to a database in Power BI Desktop
  • Import Excel data to the online service
  • Use the Analyze in Excel feature
  • Analyze the performance of your reports
  • Install a data gateway
  • Set up scheduled data refreshes


1. Connecting to a Database
2. Selecting Relevant Data
3. Working with Database Data
4. Creating the Visualization
5. Connecting to the Dataverse
6. Importing Excel Data

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7. Using Analyze in Excel
8. Creating a PivotTable
9. Using the Performance Analyzer
10. Installing a Data Gateway
11. Scheduling Data Refreshes
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