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Data Literacy Trends in the Financial Services Sector

A summary of the key trends & best practices in data literacy training for the Financial Services sector.

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What’s Inside this Whitepaper?

Bridging the Skills Gap

Identifying the skills shortage in Financial Services

Kubicle’s Analysis

We analyze course enrollments over a 2 year period from the sector

The Need to Excel in Spreadsheets

The consistency of Spreadsheet skills

BI Tools

The evolution of BI tools in Financial Services

Why Learn With Kubicle?

Real-world data skills to really set you apart

Recognized Certificates and Diplomas

You can demonstrate your proficiency to current and potential employers, by earning internationally recognized certificates and diplomas upon competition of your course exams and learning profiles.

Build Your Expertise and Confidence

When you decrease gaps in your decrease, you increase confidence. And when you enhance your ability, speed and accuracy, you increase your employability too.

Get Real World Experience

While our training is undertaken by diverse leaners around the world, each share a common ambition – to get the tools, knowledge and confidence to master the real world of work.


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