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All SQL training with Kubicle is certified by the CPD Standards Office as well as NASBA. Furthermore, Kubicle data literacy training is the common standard for some of the largest businesses in the world.


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44 lessons and 10+ exercises available

Topics Include: Understanding SQL Databases | Selecting and Filtering Data with SQL | Joining Data with SQL | Aggregating Data with SQL | Data Manipulation with SQL

Kubicle's Excel Training Course Structure

Understanding SQL Databases

Learn how databases are structured to maximize efficiency and how data can be extracted from a database using SQL code.

Selecting and Filtering Data with SQL

This course covers the more advanced methods for selecting data such as select distinct and subqueries. In addition, we also demonstrate how to use the where clause to filter our data.

Joining Data with SQL

This course focuses on the various different join methods in SQL, such as inner joins, left and right joins as well as full outer joins.

Aggregating Data with SQL

Learn how to create SQL queries that can aggregate data based on the sum, count, average etc. of a numeric data type. We’ll also cover how to use the group by clause to break down the aggregates on a categorical field.

Data Manipulation with SQL

In this course we expand on data types in SQL and learn how to manipulate dates, parse strings and perform calculations.

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