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Reduce an internet provider's customer complaints

Help an internet service provider get to grips with its poor customer service experience. You’ll clean customer data, create a solid data model, and use it to derive insights about the issues people are experiencing, providing guidance for the company to improve its customer relations.

Excel        90 Minutes        1.5 CPD Credits
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Project Steps Involved

1. Turbo5G’s customer complaints dilemma
2. Connect to multiple datasets
3. Create unpivoted datasets
4. Filter out unimportant data
5. Create a star schema data model
6. Identify issue categories by urgency
7. Analyze complaint trends over time
8. Create an interactive Pivot Table

Prerequisite Courses

DAX in Power Pivot

Advanced DAX Functions and Concepts

DAX in Power Pivot

Essential DAX Functions and Concepts

Power Pivot and Power Query Essentials

Developing and Visualizing Your Data Model

Power Pivot and Power Query Essentials

Introducing Power Pivot

Power Pivot and Power Query Essentials

Power Query

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