Building Your Document

3 courses , 27 lessons , 6 exercises , 3 exams

Learn the basics of creating a business document in Word by manipulating text, creating tables and adding visual design elements.

Course List (3)

Typing and Formatting Text in Word

Become proficient in typing and formatting text. This course teaches best practice for typing, navigating, formatting text, adjusting spacing and applying styles.

12 lessons
58 minutes
Created with Sketch. Beginner
Adding Bullet Points and Tables

Rearrange text into easier to read format. This course teaches you how to break down concepts into bullet points and how to store structured data in tables.

8 lessons
44 minutes
Created with Sketch. Beginner
Designing with Shapes, Pictures, and Themes

Add to the visual aesthetic of your document with shapes, images, and themes. This course teaches you how to use shapes to build flowcharts, import and edit images and how to set themes for your whole document.

7 lessons
39 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate