Tableau Essentials

3 Courses , 31 Lessons , 9 Exercises , 3 Exams

Learn the core skills necessary to become an expert in Tableau, from data manipulation and modeling to building compelling, interactive dashboards.

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Introducing Tableau

Our first Tableau course will show you how to connect datasets to Tableau, understand the user interface, create interactive visualizations and how to save and distribute your work.

12 Lessons
54 minutes
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Creating Visualizations in Tableau

Tableau has many excellent visualization options for your data, from simple bar charts to interactive maps and box-plots. In this course, we will step through each type of visualization, learning how and when to use them.

11 Lessons
1 hour 10 minutes
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Filter, Groups, and Sets

Filters, sets and groups enable users to create custom lists and calculations that can enhance your ability to isolate certain portions of your dataset. Filters also create great interactive elements on your dashboards.

8 Lessons
40 minutes
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