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Shapes, Lines, and Images

Shapes, lines and images serve to bring dull text-only slides to life. A deep understanding of these objects is necessary for creating compelling slides.

8 lessons
51 minutes
Created with Sketch. Beginner
Master the Textbox

It's easy to add text to a slide. But it can be hard to choose the right font-face, size, line-width and a host of other variables. Thankfully Kubicle is on hand to guide you through this!

6 lessons
31 minutes
Created with Sketch. Beginner
Construct Charts for Your Data

Charts are a great way of displaying numerical data that can be quickly understood. Learn to choose the correct chart for your data and format it neatly for a professional-finish.

12 lessons
1 hour 5 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate
Custom Templates for Your Business

Custom templates for your business look much better than PowerPoint's ready-made versions. They can also save you time when building slides. In this course, we'll make a full custom template for a fictional company, Zippy Airways.

10 lessons
40 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate
Creating Business Presentations

This course shows you how to structure presentations and convey insights clearly and concisely. It also makes the distinction between 'sit-down' and 'stand-up' presentations which will dictate the type of slides you create.

12 lessons
39 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate