Dashboards and Visualizations

3 courses , 44 lessons , 8 exercises , 3 exams

At the core of Power BI is the ability to create compelling visuals and assemble them into dashboards. These courses will show you how.

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Building Your First Dashboard

This course introduces Power BI and its capabilities to new users. You’ll learn how to create a dashboard, import data and create a report in Power BI Desktop. You will then upload the report to Power BI to create the dashboard.

13 lessons
43 minutes
Created with Sketch. Beginner
Introduction to Visualizations in Power BI

This course introduces many of the most common visualization types in Power BI, such as bar charts, line charts and scatter charts. It will also introduce some of the most common tools for formatting visuals.

15 lessons
1 hour 5 minutes
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Developing Effective Visualizations

In this course, we’ll look at the remaining visual types in Power BI, like treemaps, matrices and waterfall charts. We’ll also see how to add custom visuals, and we’ll look at features like hierarchies, quick measures and groups.

16 lessons
1 hour 19 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate