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10 courses , 125 lessons , 29 exercises , 10 exams

Power BI for Business Analytics

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Building Your First Dashboard

This course introduces Power BI and its capabilities to new users. You’ll learn how to create a dashboard, import data and create a report in Power BI Desktop. You will then upload the report to Power BI to create the dashboard.

13 lessons
43 minutes
Created with Sketch. Beginner
Introduction to Visualizations in Power BI

This course introduces many of the most common visualization types in Power BI, such as bar charts, line charts and scatter charts. It will also introduce some of the most common tools for formatting visuals.

15 lessons
1 hour 5 minutes
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Developing Effective Visualizations

In this course, we’ll look at the remaining visual types in Power BI, like treemaps, matrices and waterfall charts. We’ll also see how to add custom visuals, and we’ll look at features like hierarchies, quick measures and groups.

16 lessons
1 hour 19 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate
The Power BI Online Service

This course introduces Power BI, the online service which provides a platform for users to upload their reports from Power BI Desktop, or create reports directly. It explains the features of Power BI, how to create interactive dashboards from these reports and the various methods of sharing content with other users, within or outside the users’ organization.

11 lessons
49 minutes
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Advanced Data Connections

This course provides an overview of the more advanced data connection options available in Power BI. We will see how to connect to data from a database, and use it in Power BI Desktop. We will look at options for directly connecting Excel to the Power BI service, including the latter’s Analyse in Excel feature. We will also see how a data gateway can be used to automatically refresh data stored in the Power BI service.

10 lessons
42 minutes
Created with Sketch. Intermediate
The Query Editor

The Query Editor is used in Power BI Desktop to load and transform data before analyzing it. In this course, we’ll import files from a folder, combine them into one query, and transform the data using the Query Editor.

13 lessons
56 minutes
Created with Sketch. Advanced
Introduction to DAX

Power BI’s formula language is called Data Analysis Expressions or DAX. This course introduces DAX, demonstrating how to use DAX to create columns and measures in your dataset, and introduces some of the most common DAX functions.

12 lessons
53 minutes
Created with Sketch. Advanced
Advanced DAX Functions and Concepts

This course continues the analysis of DAX. It demonstrates some aspects of the language that are commonly used, but also potentially difficult, such as time intelligence. It also explains the concepts that distinguish DAX from formula languages such as Excel’s, such as row and filter contexts.

13 lessons
1 hour 4 minutes
Created with Sketch. Advanced
Practical Applications of DAX

Having established a knowledge of the main concepts of the DAX language, this course will demonstrate various common business applications of DAX in Power BI. You will see how to perform various common calculations and use them to produce compelling visualizations.

9 lessons
49 minutes
Created with Sketch. Advanced
Power BI Case Study

In this course, we’ll apply the techniques we’ve seen up to this point to a practical case study featuring Interslice, a Software as a Service company using Power BI to obtain insights into their customer numbers and revenues.

13 lessons
1 hour 11 minutes
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