Financial Modeling Essentials

4 courses , 53 lessons , 15 exercises , 4 exams

Learn how to analyze financial statements, build financial projections and perform complex company valuation - all in Excel!

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Introduction to Financial Statements

Understanding financial statements is a critical skill for all management executives. This course provides a brief overview of the 3 financial statements and how to perform some financial analysis in Excel.

14 lessons
1 hour
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Financial Projections

In this course, we predict the future performance and financial health of a company by building 5-year projections for MarkerCo's financial statements.

13 lessons
1 hour 3 minutes
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Performing Your First Company Valuation

This course will show you how to estimate a company’s value using several valuation techniques. The key company valuation concepts are covered, such as enterprise and equity value, capital asset pricing model and terminal value.

13 lessons
59 minutes
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Leveraged Buyouts

Debt structures are very common in financial modeling and are required learning for analysts. In this course, I'll show you how a private equity firm uses different forms of debt to purchase MarkerCo in a leveraged buyout.

13 lessons
58 minutes
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