Advanced Financial Modeling

4 courses , 56 lessons , 12 exercises , 4 exams

Learn how to build a variety of financial models that cover a variety of different business use-cases, from a fast-growing startup raising venture capital to a large company merging with a smaller rival.

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Modeling startup investments

Valuation models for fast-growth, early-stage companies require a different approach to established, stable businesses. We’ll value a fictional startup, TrackerTime, which is seeking investment from a venture capitalist.

16 lessons
1 hour 22 minutes
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are transactions in which the ownership of companies is combined into a single entity. This course will show you how to analyze a fictional acquisition in the clothing retail industry.

14 lessons
1 hour 4 minutes
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Advanced LBO Modeling Part 1

This course provides a much more detailed financial model for an LBO transaction, incorporating many new concepts and accounting principles, not included in our previous LBO course.

12 lessons
1 hour 3 minutes
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Advanced LBO Modeling Part 2

In this course, we learn how to adjust our financial statement projections, due to the acquisition of the company. In addition, we perform a series of analyses to generate a recommendation for Dealer-Partners on the proposed deal.

14 lessons
1 hour 19 minutes
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