DAX in Power Pivot

3 courses , 33 lessons , 10 exercises , 3 exams

Data Analysis Expressions, or DAX is the formula language used in Power Pivot. Learn about the main functions of the language and how to use them in these courses.

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Essential DAX Functions and Concepts

Data Analysis Expressions, or DAX, is the formula language of Power Pivot, but there are many similarities with Excel formulas. Learn the basic functions of DAX in this course.

12 lessons
54 minutes
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Practical Applications of DAX

Having established a knowledge of the main concepts of the DAX language, this course will demonstrate various common business applications of DAX in Power Pivot. You will see that an understanding of Power Pivot and DAX lets you create more complex and insightful charts and tables, without leaving Excel.

10 lessons
58 minutes
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Advanced DAX Functions and Concepts

In our second course on Data Analysis Expressions, we’ll look at areas of DAX that can be a little bit more difficult to implement, like time intelligence. We’ll also demonstrate some of the important concepts that underpin DAX, such as contexts and filtering. Once you can understand this course, you’ll be well placed to understand DAX comprehensively.

11 lessons
59 minutes
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