Understanding Data

2 courses , 22 lessons , 2 exams

Data doesn’t have to be just for technically minded analysts. These courses teach you all the non-technical principles of understanding and working with data in your company.

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Introduction to Data and Databases

Data can deliver significant benefits to companies but is often not well understood by people. This course explains some key underlying principles of data, in three main sections: We’ll learn what structured data is, and how you can use it in data analysis We’ll learn how to obtain structured data, and how to convert data to a structured format. We’ll introduce several key concepts related to databases, which are a common data source used by many businesses.

10 lessons
44 minutes
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Thinking and Communicating with Data

Data can bring value to modern companies, but there can be a disconnect between people in an organization who understand data and people who don’t. Data analysts may have good technical knowledge but might not understand the company as a whole. Non-data people may understand how the whole company works, but may struggle to get analysts to generate insights that meet their needs.

12 lessons
55 minutes
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