Predictive Analytics

4 courses , 50 lessons , 4 exams

Learn how to deploy Alteryx's predictive tools such as regression, time series, classification models, market basket analysis and clustering.

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Regression Analysis

This course focusing on the use of linear and logistic regression analysis applied to business use cases. Learn how to deploy and assess the quality of your models and improve their predictive performance.

17 lessons
1 hour 22 minutes
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Time Series Analysis

This course looks at the Alteryx time series tools. You’ll use historic data to make univariate and covariate forecasts, and how to compare forecast outputs. Finally, you’ll learn the merits and downsides of customizing the model.

10 lessons
56 minutes
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Classification Models

This course looks at classification models in Alteryx. You’ll use sample data to train and validate a predictive model. You’ll see several techniques, then export the preferred models and fit them to new data.

13 lessons
1 hour 12 minutes
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Clustering and Market Basket Analysis

This course covers two common unsupervised learning techniques that can be deployed in Alteryx. The first is market basket analysis which can be used to understand customer behavior. The other is clustering which is used to find underlying patterns in the data in the form of groups.

10 lessons
1 hour 5 minutes
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