Introduction to Alteryx

2 courses , 23 lessons , 6 exercises , 2 exams

Alteryx is a powerful data transformation and analysis tool that empowers users to import, manipulate and analyze complex datasets. These courses will have you quickly up and running as an Alteryx user.

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Getting Started in Alteryx

In this course, we start by explaining how to import different datasets into Alteryx. By using tools such as data selection, comment, and containers, we emphasize the importance of well laid out and correctly labeled workflows.

9 lessons
47 minutes
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Joining and Transforming Data

Joining data is a fundamental data preparation skill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. We’ve configured this course to ensure that the users have a much stronger grasp of this essential skill. This course includes covers the basics of unions, joins, pivoting, and transposing data.

14 lessons
1 hour 11 minutes
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