6. Searching for Symbols

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Word’s Symbols menu provides access to a large library of symbols, but navigating this menu is tedious. The Symbol Search add-in provides a way to enter search terms to find specific symbols.


Lesson Goal

Use the Symbol Searcher add-in to quickly add symbols into our document.

Why use Symbol Search?

Word contains a large library of symbols which we can access from the Symbol command in the Insert tab. The library is so large that it can be challenging to find a specific symbol.

How to use Symbol Search

Symbol search allows you to search for symbols by typing a search term that describes the symbol. For example, using the search term “Omega” we can find and insert Ω.

Alternatively, we can browse a list of categories. For example, if you wanted to insert “Ω” but didn’t know the name of the symbol, clicking on the Greek Letters category would provide a list of Greek letters, including Ω.


In the previous lesson we learned how to use the Pexels add-in to quickly add high-quality stock images to our document.

In this lesson, we'll use the Symbol Searcher add-in to quickly add symbols to our document.

If we do a quick scan of this document, we can see that there are a few stand ins for symbols.

For example, instead of the trademark symbol, we can see the letters TM.

Also, the document uses the letters GBP instead of the currency symbol of Great British pounds.

The original author likely used these stand ins because they did not know how to use the symbols they represent.

If we navigate to the insert tab, select the symbols drop down, and choose more symbols, we can see that Word actually has an extensive library of symbols.

The issue is that it can be quite tedious to track down a specific symbol in this list.

Fortunately, we can use the symbols search add-in to speed up this process.

We'll select the symbols search command to open a pane to the right.

We can search for symbols using a search term or browse symbols according to their category.

We'll start with the first symbol.

We'll select the TM and then type trademark in the search box.

We'll click the result below and see that has replaced our selected text.

We'll repeat this for the other two instances of TM.

Finally, we'll select the first instance of the letters GBP.

We'll type pound and choose the pound symbol.

We'll repeat this for all other instances where GBP is used instead of the pound symbol.

Now that we've inserted the correct symbols into our document, we'll stop the lesson here.

In the next lesson, we'll learn about how we can use Word's Mail Merge tool to help distribute letters to a large mailing list.

Macros, Add-ins, and Mail Merge


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