1. Introducing the Dataset

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Reshaping Data in Tableau Prep

7 lessons , 3 exercises

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This lesson introduces the datasets that we will be using in this course. All datasets relate to the fees generated by a pharmaceuticals company distribution company.


Lesson Goal

Examine the data and determine data cleaning steps required

Reorganizing sales data

In this course, we’ll work with new data from the pharmaceutical company Alvetica. In this lesson, we investigate the company’s sales data.

The data is spread across 5 Excel files, one for each year between 2012 and 2016. Within each Excel file, there are 4 sheets, one for each of the products: Lomina, Samtan, Tridesta, and Wedicare. In total, we have 20 separate datasets.

In this course, we’ll demonstrate how to combine all 20 into a single dataset and we’ll then combine this master sales dataset with the customer address dataset from the previous Tableau Prep course.


> Tableau Tableau for data visualization
Reshaping Data in Tableau Prep


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