1. Why Use Tableau?

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Introducing Tableau

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This lesson explains Tableau's advantages over traditional analysis in Excel and how best to use Tableau in your day-to-day work.


Why Use Tableau?

- Turns hard to read raw data into compelling visual insights
- If you want to quickly create visualizations such as bar charts, heat maps and many more

What is a Dashboard?

- An Easy-To-Read, single-screen displaying the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for a business unit

Why should I use a dashboard?

- Provides managers with quick, detailed overviews of the business
- Useful for spotting trends and obtaining insights from data
- Ultimately coincide with better decision making and better results

Why Use Tableau over Excel?

- Much more interactive than Excel.
- Build dashboards in minutes rather than hours
- Joining multiple datasets and data sources in your dashboards is incredibly easy


> Tableau Tableau for data visualization
Introducing Tableau


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