1. Building Tableau Visualizations

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Creating Visualizations in Tableau

11 lessons , 3 exercises

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Visualizations are the most powerful feature within Tableau. In this opening lesson, I'll show you how to create different types of charts using the Show Me dropdown.


Visualizations in Tableau

- Tableau offers a wealth of visualization options for your data
- This course will show you how and when to deploy the most useful visualizations
- Visualizations are created using the Show Me dropdown in the top-right corner

How to create a visualization

- To get started, simply drag the measures and dimensions you want to visualize into shelves
- Tableau will then automatically choose which visualization best suits your data
- This may not be the best option, so experiment with the different available options
- Also experiment with the different options in the Marks card to improve your visualization
- To undo a change in a visualization, simply press Undo or use the shortcut, CTRL + Z


> Tableau Tableau for data visualization
Tableau Essentials
Creating Visualizations in Tableau


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