1. What is Tableau Prep

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Cleaning Data with Tableau Prep

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This lesson explains the data preparation use cases of Tableau Prep's and its advantages and disadvantages over Alteryx.


Lesson Goal

This goal of this lesson is to discover the role of Tableau Prep in Data Manipulation

Why Use Tableau Prep

Tableau Desktop depends on structured data to function properly. User-created data, questionnaire data and web data tend to be in an unstructured format. If you want to use data sources like these in Tableau Desktop, you need to clean them up.

Tableau Prep has the tools and functions to handle all these unstructured data types. Tableau Prep can convert any unclean data into a format which is easily read by Tableau Desktop

Tableau Prep vs Excel

Excel can do much of what Tableau Prep can already achieve. But, Tableau Prep has the upper hand for data preparation for 1 main reason. Its drag and drop interface makes it much faster than Excel. Tableau Prep is also capable of connecting to much larger datasets than Excel

Tableau Prep vs Alteryx

Alteryx has an easy to use drag and drop interface to Tableau Prep. It can also connect to very large datasets. Also, Alteryx is far more customizable and includes machine learning algorithms.

Tableau Prep is far easier to use. And because it comes with Tableau Desktop at no extra cost, it is far more cost-effective than Alteryx.


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Cleaning Data with Tableau Prep


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