6. Slide Layouts for Charts

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Charts can benefit a lot from custom slide layouts, which serve to keep the formatting, positioning and labelling of charts consistent throughout the presentation


Why use chart placeholders

- Slide layouts can ensure consistent formatting and positioning of charts
- Chart placeholders can also be combined with text placeholders for labelling charts
- This is one of the most effective uses of slide layouts


In the previous lesson we learned how to create slide layouts using both text placeholders and image placeholders. PowerPoint also provides placeholders for other types of objects. The most useful of which are chart placeholders and media placeholders, which, we are going to explore in the next two lessons. Smart art, clip art, or table placeholders can be ignored for the most part. If you've watched some of my lessons on building charts and PowerPoint, you'll know that I prefer to create titles for my charts using the text box. Instead of having to manually create these text boxes each time we have a chart, we can use a slide layout that has a chart placeholder and a separate text placeholder for the chart title. Let's start by creating a new layout and I'll rename this "Single Chart Layout" I'll view the gridlines and the guides to help me position the place holders correctly I'll add my chart placeholder and then I'll add my text placeholder.

I'll align the text placeholder, the image placeholder on the left. I'll delete the bulleted text, just leaving one line of text for text placeholder, I'll also bold this text and write Insert Chart Title here I'll also reduce the size of this title to 18 Now let's try this layout in our presentation so I'll remove the guides and gridlines I'll close the slide master and I'll create a new slide with our single chart layout I'll add a simple start pie chart and on top I'll add a chart title.

Let's say I wanted to create another chart but this time the line chart, and I'll use the single chart layout again.

We now have a line chart in the exact same position and with the exact same formatting. Creating layouts with chart placeholders like this allows for total formatting consistency across all of your presentations and it can also save you a lot of time when formatting and positioning objects. I'd highly recommend using chart placeholders in all of your PowerPoint templates.

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