10. Set Custom Template as the Default

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Once we're happy with our template, we can set it as default for all new presentations. The method of doing this is a little unorthodox but still quite easy.


Set custom template as the default

1 Delete all content on the title slide
2 Delete all slides apart from title slide
3 Save template as Blank.potx


When you're happy with your custom template, you may want to set it as the default for all new presentations.

Currently, when I click File and then go to New, the old Office theme is the default blank presentation.

To set this to the Zippy template is quite straightforward.

I'll first close this new presentation.

On the title slide, I'll delete the image and the two text boxes to just leave the placeholders, and I'll delete all the remaining slides.

To do this quickly, select the first slide you'd like to delete, skip to the bottom, and then hold Shift and select the last slide, and this will select slides 2 to 7.

Then press Delete to remove.

I'll then go to File and Save as PowerPoint template.

And I'll call this template Blank.potx, and save it.

When you create a file called Blank.potx, this tells Microsoft you want to use this file as your new default template.

When I now create a new presentation in PowerPoint, you can see that our Zippy_airways template has become the new default.

If you want to switch back to the old Microsoft default at any point, you just delete the Blank.potx file.

This can be a little tricky, because the location of the file can be hard to find.

The easiest way is to try and save the template again, and up at the top, click on the folder icon on the left, and then copy the path to this folder.

And I’ll do this with Ctrl + C.

I'll then cancel, open up a new window, and paste in the path I copied earlier.

Now I simply close the two documents behind and delete the blank file.

Now when I open up a new presentation, you’ll see that we’re back to the original template again.

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